How to Tell If You’re Addicted to Sugar

Sugar addiction
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

We all know that eating too much sugar is not good for our health and sugar addiction is in fact a serious health issue. But the real question is how can we determine whether we’re addicted to sugar or not? Read on to find out what are three common signs of sugar addiction.

You Can’t Give Up Sweets

Obviously, not being able to cut out sweet food from your diet is one of the best signs that you’re addicted to sugar. Some people can even experience withdrawal symptoms, but that just means you have to break this goal into smaller steps and not quit sugar overnight.

Craving Comfort Foods

Sugar addiction can cause cravings for savory foods as well, especially for those tasty comfort foods that are high in carbs such as pizza or pasta, because they can easily satisfy our cravings.

Eating Sweets After Every Meal

While it’s okay to treat yourself to a tasty dessert once in a while, you definitely shouldn’t end every meal by eating something sweet. If you constantly feel the need to eat something sweet after a meal then you’re probably addicted to sugar on some level.