How to Rim Your Cocktail Glasses Like a Pro

Cocktail glass
Photo by Chloe Bovia on Unsplash

No matter how good your cocktails taste, if they don’t look beautiful then you’ve got some improvements to make. The look of a cocktail is almost as important as the actual drink, and the proof is how many bars and restaurants invest in the presentation of their cocktails! Garnishes, rims, and funky glasses make for some of the best cocktails. 

One of the best ways to level up your at-home cocktails is learning how to properly rim your glasses. Follow these steps, and you’re sure to nail it every time. 

Step 1

Create a mixture of what you want on the rim. This could be salt, spicy pepper, sugar, or a mix of salt and citrus–the possibilities are endless! The more colorful your mixture, the more it will really pop on the cup. Place your mixture in a shallow dish about ¼ inch high. 

Step 2

Put your liquid that will act as the “glue” on another shallow dish. This can simply be water, or you can level up the flavor but using citrus juice or honey. 

Step 3

Once your dipping stations are set up, you’ll first dip the rim of your glass in the liquid. Once it is properly coated, dip it in the granules of your choice. Lift up your cup and see the beauty!

Step 4

Once the rim has dried, you’re ready to add your cocktail to the glass. Enjoy!