How to Recreate Bella Hadid’s Erwhon Drink 

Bella Hadid is more than just a model. Everyone turns to her for style and hair inspiration, and now, she has a drink at Erewhon that everyone can enjoy. Erewhon has become known as the destination to snag celeb-inspired smoothies.

Bella Hadid is also the co-founder of Kin Euphorics, which claims to help alter your brain chemistry to help reduce anxiety or help promote a certain feeling without being harmful or dangerous such as taking drugs. Hadid’s Erewhon drink contains Kin Euphorics’ High Rhode and is the star of the drink. High Rhode is a lightly caffeinated drink, non-alcoholic, and infused with adaptogens that deliver energy and boost your mood. 

Bella Hadid’s new Kinsicle smoothie is bright, sweet, and meant to taste like a creamsicle. If you don’t live in Los Angeles and can’t go to the hottest grocery store, here’s how to make it home. 

The Ingredients

To make this drink, you need organic yogurt, dates, vanilla, almond milk, banana, coconut, cream, mango, turmeric, and a touch of salt. Blend this all together to create a sweet, tangy orange soda flavor.