How to Prepare Salmon and Peas Pasta

Photo by Gianna Ciaramello on Unsplash

If you are the one highly impressed by the Italian cuisine, it is a chance that you love to try new pastas recipes. Adding to your catalog of new recipes, here is the salmon and peas pasta to keep you occupied during the weekend.

The dish can be cooked within 15-20 minutes and can sever as the dinner for whole family. The delicious pasta is jam packed with nutrients, not to mention fiber and omega-3.

Things you will need:

240 g of whole wheat fusilli

Finely chopped 1 piece of shallot

140 g frozen peas

140 g low fat crème fraiche

Snipped chives

Half low salt vegetable stock cube

A knob of butter


Bring the pan of water to boil and cook the pasta as you do with normal pasta. Meanwhile, the pasta is being boiled, heat butter in a separate saucepan and after adding shallot, cook until butter is softened. Now, add frozen peas, crème, fish, fraiche and half glass water. Crumble the mixture in stock cube. After this, cook the pasta for 3-4 minutes and add in chives and black pepper. Stir properly to cover the pasta. Serve hot.