How to prepare lunch for a clean bill of health

Photo by Ive Erhard on Unsplash

Most of us are unaware of the fact that we are eating the same lunch every day for years. If you usually wat snacks for lunch, it’s time to leave this choice and try something new. By adding some delicious meals to the lunch, you can enhance the nutritional value of your lunch and probably lose some fat.

Healthy salad

To prepare the salad, include some rice in a jar and add tomatoes along with grated carrots. Add in tuna and leaves of lettuce. Top it up with healthy seeds or nuts that you can get at any supermarket. This will add nutritional value and a crisp flavor to the salad. Shake the jar and carry it along with your office or work. You can have it with lunch or dinner.

Healthy sandwiches

You can also prepare healthy sandwiches for lunch. The trick here is to use multigrain bread and add coleslaw instead of mayonnaise. You can also add salad in the sandwiches. This will add fiber and protein in your lunch without forcing you to say goodbye to sandwiches.