How to Make Healthy Indian Rice

Photo by Kawin Harasai on Unsplash

Indian-styled rice makes a brilliant low-fat addition to the different types of curry available from the Indian cuisine. The healthy dish is easier to make and needs only a few minutes to prepare. Here is the method to get you going:


Basmati rice 200 g
Defrosted and frozen peas 100g
1 tbsp Garam Masala (masala salt)
50g toasted almonds


Boil the rice either in a cooker or under boil mode in a microwave. They can be boiled for around 15-20 minutes. After boiling, drain the rice and transfer them to a pan. Add in Garam Masala and cook over low heat for one minute. Add peas and almonds. Season to taste.

Cook the rice for 2-3 more minutes. Serve.

This dish can be consumed with either pulse or any other curry you like. It can also be had with gravy chicken or butter chicken.

One can also boil the rice by looking at the instruction given on the packet.