How to Include More Beetroot in Your Diet

Photo by Natalia Fogarty on Unsplash

Beetroot is one of those incredible ingredients that’s often labeled as a ‘superfood’. Its beneficial properties are huge and varied, from joint health to gut health, and it’s also delicious. Here are some ways to include more in your diet.

Beetroot Tea

This is a perfect way to get as much out of your veg as possible. Simply peel and chop some beetroot, and then boil in some water. Use the cooked beetroot in whatever recipe you like, and then strain the water into cups with some fresh turmeric root in. This hearty warming drink is full of goodness and super satisfying.

Roasted Beetroot

Peel and chop some beetroot and add to an ovenproof dish. Add a lug of extra virgin olive oil, some sea salt, and some dried thyme. This creates soft and crispy chunks of warm beetroot which pair perfectly with salads and cheeses. 

Beetroot in Cakes

This is a hack that may seem strange but produces incredible results. Choose whichever cake recipe is calling to you, and then add some grated beetroot to the mixture. This doesn’t affect the taste at all, but adds some moistness and heaviness which are hard to achieve without the beetroot.