How to have an appetizing breakfast

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

There is no sadness in the world that cannot be cured by a good breakfast.

Breakfast is often taken into consideration by fitness experts as it initiates your healthy living on daily basis. While some consider it best to have a light breakfast in order to force hunger during lunch, others deem it best to have a complete breakfast so that your day starts in the pink.

Your breakfast is undoubtedly the most essential meal of the day. Hence, it is fundamental to keep it balanced, appetizing and nutritious.

Here is a short list of some of the most healthy filling breakfast food that will have your hunger satisfied throughout the day while providing you ample of nutrients and energy necessary:

  1. Spinach egg casserole with bacon and cheddar

  1. Protein pancakes with chocolate peanut butter
  1. Poached eggs with chickpeas, tomatoes, and Swiss chard

  1. Blueberry protein shake
  1. Baked egg with sweet potatoes and garlicky collard greens
  1. Granola Parfait
  1. Cheese banana pancakes with oatmeal

  1. Mushroom with spinach and egg white

  1. Baked eggs with wheat bread and Avocados
  1. Egg white breakfast burritos with black bean and sweet potato