How to Decide if You Should Try Trendy TikTok Recipes

Screenshot via tazxbakes/TikTok

At this point in time, it seems like we have new food trends emerging from TikTok pretty much every week. This social media platform is overflowing with viral recipes that everyone is trying, and here’s how you can decide if the next big trend is actually worth a taste.

Personal Taste

There are TikTok trends that you won’t like no matter how trendy they are simply because they’re not up to your taste. Even if everyone is eating baked feta pasta and nature’s cereal, you don’t have to do the same if the recipes don’t sound appealing from the get-go.

Quick and Easy

If you’re on the fence about a certain TikTok trend, you shouldn’t waste your time if it requires a lot of money and effort. On the other hand, if the viral dish can be made quickly with basic ingredients, you don’t lose anything by giving it a try even if you don’t like the final result.

Seal of Approval

Some TikTok recipes only get five minutes of fame, while others become part of the mainstream. Once popular food bloggers that you like and people who have similar taste to yours give them their seal of approval, that’s usually the sign they’re actually worth trying.