Here’s Why Skim Milk Shouldn’t be a Part of your Shopping List

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Adults and kids alike drink milk. Some need convincing while others really enjoy the taste. There are different kinds of milk out there but we’ve come to believe that skim milk is the “healthier” option. However, this really isn’t true! Here are some reasons why skim milk shouldn’t be part of your grocery shopping list:

It’s not really as healthy as we were led to believe

The fact is, skim milk doesn’t prevent heart disease or help in weight loss. This common misconception has already been disproven.

Fat is actually good for you

Most people prefer skim milk because it doesn’t contain high amounts of fat. But according to studies, fat is actually good for you. Also, whole milk doesn’t really contain a lot of fat but it will make you feel more satiated.

It doesn’t taste good

The fat content lends the flavor to the milk so when you remove it, you’re also getting rid of the taste. This is why skim milk tastes bland.

It’s not suitable for cooking or baking

Finally, this type of milk is usually terrible when used in cooking or baking. That is unless your recipe calls for non-fat or low-fat milk. Also, you need the fat content of milk in baking to make your baked goods moist.