Healthy and Delicious Wraps For a Wholesome Meal

Chicken Wraps
Photo by Max Griss on Unsplash

Do you ever struggle to come up with new ideas when meal planning? If so, preparing a wholesome wrap filled with scrumptious ingredients could be the perfect solution. Here are healthy and delicious wraps that you can prepare with just a few simple ingredients.


This Mexican classic can be prepared with several types of meat, including lamb, pork, pulled beef, or chicken – just pick the one you fancy! Grab your meat of choice and some beans, rice, lettuce, and other vegetables, and wrap it all in a tortilla.


Hailing from Greece, the Gyro wrap is prepared with lafa bread and contains a delicious tzatziki or hummus sauce. Fill the pita with lamb or chicken kebabs along with diced tomatoes, lettuce, and onions.

Salmon Wrap

Packed with omega 3, salmon is highly nutritious and tasty. Pack your salmon wrap with avocado, vegetables, and tzatziki for some extra zest.