Healthiest Teas to Drink Daily

Photo by TeaCora Rooibos on Unsplash

While tea may be tasty and thirst-quenching, it can also come with an array of nutritional benefits depending on which flavor you choose. This means that you can enjoy a warm beverage with a heavenly aroma that hits the spot while providing a health kick. Here are the healthiest teas that you can drink daily.

Ginger Turmeric Tea

Due to containing curcumin, this tea has anti-inflammatory properties that will alleviate pain. What’s more, a key ingredient in the ginger in this tea is gingerol, which provides pain relief while also facilitating better digestion.

Green Tea

Undergoing minimal oxidation, green tea contains a wide variety of nutritious ingredients, including bioactive compounds such as catechins, kaempferol, epigallocatechin gallate, and quercetin. Such antioxidants are able to boost heart and gut health while strengthening your immune system and metabolic health. Green tea also contains less caffeine than even black tea, with just 30 mg per cup.

Lemon Tea

Lemons contain vitamin C, helping you reduce inflammation while boosting your immune system. What’s more, this citrus fruit also contains the terpene limonene, which has antidepressant properties. What’s better than a drink that is both healthy and tasty while also helping to boost your mood?