Have You Ever Tried Sweet Egg Rolls?

Image by sante_nuts/Instagram

This can seem as a bit too much of a sweet enjoyment, but trust us, it’s never enough. This recipe will only prove that you can be always inspired to test your sweet intake capabilities. This cake is easy to make and it gives you the peak performance of the sweet desire fulfillment.

In order to make these sweet egg rolls, you’ll only need a pack of a  cookie dough, egg roll wrappers, a frying pan and some vegetable oil.

You don’t need much ingredients to make it and surely it won’t take to much time to make them.

First, you need to open the cookie dough pack and split the dough into a few smaller masses (the number depends on the number of rolls that you want to make).


After that take some egg roll wrappers and wrap those tiny dough in them.

After you made the little cookie dough-filled rolls, put some vegetable oil in a frying pan and wait until it’s hot. When the vegetable oil gets to a desired temperature, put the rolls in the pan and fry each side for a minute.

When the rolls are fried, you can just add some powered sugar and melted chocolate to give it that sweet final touch.

 We hope you’ll enjoy this!