Fun Mocktails for a Booze-Free Good Time

Cocktails can be so much fun when it comes to a night on the town or even a night in with friends, but whether you’ve got work in the morning or you’re looking for ways to stay healthy, sometimes it’s better to avoid the hard stuff and stick with something alcohol-free. Whatever your reason for skipping the spirits, We’ve got you covered with a round-up of some of our favorite booze-less beverages so you can have a great time without the hangover.

Coconut Strawberry “Mojito”

This Coconut and Strawberry Mocktail from Alchemy Eats is a perfect option if you’re looking for something fruity but not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. Fresh and simple, it can be made with only four ingredients.

Cucumber Ginger “Mojito”

If you’re in the mood for something refreshing but fruity drinks aren’t your thing, check out this Cucumber Ginger “Mojito” by Remy Park AKA Veggiekins. It features a mojito mixer from the brand Health-Ade, but she suggests substituting any citrus soda if this isn’t available in your area.

Vanilla Apple Cider Punch

Simple Bites’ sparkling Vanilla Scented Apple Cider Punch is the way to go if you’re planning a Halloween party but don’t want the “BOOs”. True to her name, this simple and sweet recipe is sure to be a hit at any fall festivity.