Fry Sauce Is The Perfect Dip For Your Fries You Never Knew You Needed

Photo by Christopher Flowers on Unsplash

Ask the average person what fry sauce is, and they might look at you with a seriously confused face. But more and more people are finding this underrated dip perfectly delicious for their fries. So much so, that other brands and cultures are coming up with their own variations of fry sauce. What is it that makes this sauce so delicious?

The Original Sauce

Fry sauce is a perfectly blended mix of ketchup, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, giving folks a tangy dip for their fries, tater tots, etc. Vinegar may also be used to add a little extra oomph to the sauce. It’s been said that it was first created by Utah restaurant owner Don Carlos Edwards back in the 1940s for his fast-food chain, Arctic Circle. So it makes perfect sense that, in Utah and other Western states, fry sauce is the norm in fast food restaurants and grocery stores. But the sauce is so good that the craze is finding its way throughout the world!

Other Variations

There are other variations of the sauce being created by other areas and brands. Puerto Ricans might know the sauce as “mayoketchup,” which throws in a little garlic and sometimes lemon. It’s also used in other Latin American areas such as Costa Rica, Colombia, and Venezuela with different names and recipes depending on the country. Even Heinz has developed their own “Mayochup,” which they plan to release in America soon. Clearly, a lot of people love it already, so this awesome fry sauce is a condiment you should definitely try out!