Freshen Up Your Baking With These Lavender Recipes

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Whether you enjoy the scent of lavender essential oil or are just looking for new ways to spice up your baking, lavender recipes are a great place to start. Lavender has a delicate, herby flavor that makes it an ideal addition to all kinds of sweet treats. If you’re still not convinced, know that lavender is actually a close relative of several common herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, that you probably already use. While too much can definitely lead to a soapy taste, used sparingly, lavender can create fresh, elegant desserts that are sure to stand out at the end of any meal. Here are a few of our favorite lavender-infused recipes:

Lavender Cookies

Is there anything better than buttery cookies fresh out of the oven? If there is, we’d argue it’s these lavender cookies by Olives & Thyme. Dried lavender buds and fresh lemon zest add a fresh and fruity kick to a simple shortbread recipe. Dip them in the optional lavender lemon glaze for a bit of extra flavor and sweetness.

Lavender Earl Grey Ice Cream

Earl Grey is a black tea flavored with bergamot, a type of oil extracted from the rinds of Seville oranges. Together, they create a rich, fruity flavor that compliments the sweet and floral quality of lavender quite nicely. This ice cream recipe by Food Duchess uses dried lavender buds and Earl Grey tea in a creamy vanilla base and is easy to whip up without an ice cream maker.

Blackberry Lavender Cake

Baker extraordinaire Sally McKenney of Sally’s Baking Addiction is a master when it comes to creating unique, decadent desserts, and this cake recipe is no exception. Layers of lavender-infused cake are filled with blackberry jam and buttercream frosting, while homemade lavender syrup on top adds a slightly floral touch.