French Pastries That You Must Try

If you love pastries, there is no better scene for these baked goods than the country of France. A wide variety of world-famous treats such as the croissant have come from this European country, making it a pastry lover’s paradise.

Try these pastries the next time you find yourself at a French bakery or traveling through the country itself.


Canele is a pastry that is popular in the southwestern Bordeaux region of the country. These cinnamony, sugary, and liquor-infused baked goods are devilishly rich, and proof that this city produces other outstanding food and drink products outside of its world-famous wines.


Have you ever tried an eclair before? This delicate, filled pastry is a mix of spongy dough and a filling that typically is either with creams or chocolates. They are widely made and available throughout the world, proving the influence of French pastries.


Last but certainly not least are macarons, a pastry delight that has surged in popularity in recent years. Macarons are light, airy, and delicious, made with almond meal and meringue. You can find them in all kinds of flavors at French bakeries around the world.