Every Hummus Lover Should Try These Versions

Photo by Ludovic Avice on Unsplash

When it comes to spreads, hummus is the ultimate. We may be biased, but that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. If you’re also on Team Hummus (we see you), you probably understand just how wonderful the chickpea dip is in its simplicity, but have you tried the alternative versions? Who knew hummus could be even more delicious?!


This may be the prettiest version of hummus there is. Roast or boil a beet and add it to the food processor. The result is a beautiful blush-colored spread that has a touch of sweetness. 


From pink to orange—carrots often have a caramelized taste when roasted that happens to pair perfectly with Mediterranean spices like cumin. It also gives the hummus a lovely bright orange hue. 

Red Pepper

If you want to give your hummus a smoky flavor, roasted red pepper is the way to go. Placing the peppers in the oven also sweetens them, turning the entire spread into a flavor explosion. 


If you’re a lover of guacamole, avocado hummus can’t get any better. It’s as if the two spreads had a baby—all you need are the pita chips!