Easy Meal Ideas for Camping

Camping food
Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

Camping is a great experience, whether with family or friends. It’s an ideal way to get back in touch with nature and enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle. However, creating interesting and balanced meals on a camping stove with no fridge available can be a challenge. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Couscous and Bean Salad

For this, you’ll want the kind of couscous that just requires boiling water added to it and being left for 5 minutes. In the meantime, open a tin of beans of your choice and place them in a bowl. Chop up some tomatoes, cucumber, and scallions. Add to the bowl along with the cooked couscous and mix well. 

Pasta and Tinned Mackerel

You can sometimes find quick-cook pasta which only requires 3-5 minutes boiling. Add some chopped carrot to the pasta while cooking. Once cooked, add some tinned mackerel and sweet corn and stir through. 

Scrambled Eggs

There’s a debate about whether eggs need to be in the fridge, but they can definitely manage for a few days at least. Bring along some bread rolls (these are handy to have while camping in general) and then serve with tomatoes and avocado.