Easy Beetroot Salad with Exquisite Ingredients

Photo by Natalia Fogarty on Unsplash

A salad doesn’t always have to be an add-on. It can also be exotic, sophisticated and even act as the main highlight of any meal.

To prepare such a salad, you need to know culinary basics, especially for vegan food cuisine. One such option that can get things started for you is the beetroot salad which appears quite hi-fi but is totally easy to make. Here’s an option for such a salad, with halloumi, dill, and pomegranate.


Medium red onion
2 oranges
4 handful of rocket leaves
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
Drop rapeseed oil
2 cooked and chopped beetroots
80g sliced halloumi
Pomegranate seeds
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
Mint leaves
Sprigs dill


In a bowl, add sliced onion and toss it well with vinegar.

Peel the onion and spread over the onion bowl.

Pile rocket onto plates and add beetroot and orange.

In a frying pan, take a drop of oil and fry halloumi for about 30 seconds.

Add pomegranate seeds to the onion along with other dressings.

Top it up with halloumi and garnish with seeds, dill, and mint.