Drinking Tea With No Sugar Grows on You

Photo by TeaCora Rooibos on Unsplash

So many of us struggle daily with trying to cut down on sugar and it’s no easy feat when we’ve been brainwashed by corporations for half a century to be addicted to it. However, there are little things we can do to cut down on sugar, such as not putting it in our tea or coffee. At first, tea without sugar may seem bland and uninviting. But mark our words: try it out for two weeks and it’ll grow on you in the best way.

It’ll Change Your Outlook

Not only will you begin to love the taste of tea without sugar, but you’ll also start to question the presence of sugar in all things around you. You’ll start to wonder why peanut butter tastes sweeter than it needs to, or cereal for that matter. You’ll start to connect to the innate natural flavors of organic food as it is.

You’ll Feel Better

The best part of all of this is that you’ll feel better too. This is true from a mental perspective and a physical one as well. It’s hard to imagine a universe in which sugar will appeal less to you, but this is the kind of thing that happens when you go cold turkey for a bit. But the truth is that this is really going cold turkey. You’re easing yourself into a sugarless life—just with the tea. If it spreads to the rest of your eating habits, even better!