Don’t Worry, Its Okay to Make a Cake Not From Scratch

Photo by David Holifield on Unsplash

There seems to be a lot of judgement in the word of baking when it comes to baking cakes not from scratch. And for the record, we totally get it. If you’re a baker who’s dedicated your entire to poring over recipes and making sure everything is perfect, we understand why you’d take issue with not-from-scratch cakes. You probably see it as insulting, as though companies are suggesting that your work doesn’t mean that much that it can be easily replicated. We understand your pain. But we’re also here to explain why you should give the not-from-scratch bakers a break.

What Does “Not From Scratch” Even Mean?

Let’s get this out of the way because it needs to be said. If someone buys an instant cake from Duncan Hines, why is that considered not from scratch? Because a brand prepared the ingredients beforehand? The same can be said for countless from-scratch recipes that call for Oreos, or Reeses, or just a stick of butter for that matter. Do all from-scratch bakers sow their own oats and pull milk from their own cows? No, they don’t. So it’s not like everything is completely “from scratch” in their case either.

Splitting the Difference

Now, that doesn’t mean that Duncan Hines cakes don’t require a lot LESS work. We completely agree there, and for that matter, let them make the darn cake if it tastes good. Don’t worry, your “from-scratch” cakes are still very much appreciated.