Does Honey Really Last Forever?

Photo by Mariana Ibanez on Unsplash

You have probably heard at least a few times in your life that honey is the only food that lasts forever and that it has an indefinite shelf life. But is this really true? Spoiler alert: it’s somewhat true. Continue reading to find out if honey really lasts forever.

Does Honey Really Last Forever?

Honey can last forever and have an indefinite shelf life, but several conditions have to be met for this to happen. The honey must be strained, meaning all other impurities are removed, heated, and then sealed properly for it to keep its quality.

Why Does Honey Last Forever?

Bacteria and microorganisms are what make your food spoil. In order to live and grow, they need moisture, and that isn’t something they can find in honey.

Honey is low in moisture while also having high acidic content due to enzymes extracted by the bees during the honey-making process. This creates an unfriendly environment for bacteria and microorganisms. Since they are not invited to the party, the honey can’t get spoiled.

Can Honey Go Bad?

You’ll be happy to hear that honey can’t go bad even if you fail to store it properly. However, it can change. The changes might include a darker color, a different consistency, and an unusual taste. Still, despite this, rest assured that the honey is still edible.