Delicious Cinco De Mayo Desserts

Photo by Félix Girault on Unsplash

Celebrating the Mexican army’s victory over France in the 1862 Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo is a day of festivities. As such, it’s only appropriate to enjoy scrumptious desserts during this fiesta. Here are some of the delicious Cinco de Mayo desserts you could make to celebrate this fiesta.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Dipped in flour and sugar with a hint of pecan, these Mexican wedding cookies will delicately crumble in your mouth from the first bite. Taking just 30 minutes of active prep, these elegant-looking desserts will look great on your table.


While they may look plain, these flour tortillas are scrumptious when fried and doused in cinnamon. What’s particularly great about this recipe is that it takes just two steps to complete, making it an easy way to satisfy a large amount of guests.

Cinnamon Churros

An all-time Spanish and Latin favorite, churros are an ideal dessert to enjoy on such a festive occasion. Consider making some cinnamon churros to provide your guests with a scrumptious dessert with a unique twist.

Mexican Flan

If you enjoy desserts such as cheesecake and jello, then you’ll love this scrumptious Mexican combination of the two. In addition to being simple to prepare, this Mexican flan looks impressive, surely impressing your guests.