Daring Dinner Ideas for Your Family This Summer

Quesadillas. Photo by Lottie Griffiths on Unsplash

Summer is finally here. In celebration of the warm weather, it’s time to shake things up in the kitchen and prepare some scrumptious new dishes for your family. Here are some daring dinner ideas for your family to tuck into this summer.

Grilled Cod With Romesco Sauce

For a nutritious yet equally delicious meal, a steamy piece of grilled cod is sure to hit the spot. By drizzling the cod in a delectable Romesco sauce, this dish will be sure to please. Consider serving with roasted vegetables for a wholesome and filling meal.

Sheet Pan Quesadillas

For a tasty Mexican treat, consider making some cheesy sheet pan quesadillas. In addition to being an easy snack to prepare in the oven, you can easily prepare this dish in bulk if you’re hosting a party. Packed with peppers, ground beef, paprika, chili, Monterey cheese, and cheddar, this meal is an instant crowd-pleaser.

Spring Roll Bowls

While sushi is tasty on any occasion, making it can be quite an intricate and time-consuming task, especially if you don’t have much experience doing so. This is why it is worth your time preparing a spring roll bowl instead, where you take the ingredients found in a regular piece of your favorite sushi and toss them into a bowl. You’ll be surprised as to how tasty this can be despite not wrapping them in rice or seaweed.