Check Out The Holy Donut for the Best Potato Donuts

Should you ever find yourself in the Northeast US near the coastal city of Portland, Maine, be sure to check out The Holy Donut for a donut experience unlike any other. Their donuts are made using an ingredient that the state is famous for—potatoes! Potatoes give their donuts a unique texture that falls somewhere between a cake donut and the traditional fried variety. They’re soft on the inside with a light crisp on the outside and are even more enjoyable warm!

Along with Maine potatoes, the shop’s owner also makes sure to utilize other local ingredients wherever possible, including dairy products and fruit. They have vegan, gluten-free, and even sweet potato-based options available to satisfy any dietary preference, and 20 rotating flavors so everyone is sure to find a donut they’ll love. 

If you’re a fan of the classics, we recommend trying an Old Fashioned or Pure Vanilla Glaze donut. For chocolate lovers, try the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt—it’s their best-selling flavor! They even have a cannoli cream-filled donut called “The Holy Cannoli!” if you’re after something truly indulgent.

The Holy Donut has three different locations in Portland and throughout the southern Maine area. If you’re in the mood for a donut, don’t wait—they close for the day when the last one is sold!