Burgers to Try if You Don’t Eat Meat

Vegan Burger
Photo by Deryn Macey on Unsplash

Being a vegan or vegetarian is incredibly common in this day and age, so it’s not surprising that there are so many options out there for those who are. Burgers in the traditional sense have meat in them, but luckily there are many alternative burger options that are catered to veggie-centric folk. If you consider yourself to be a part of that category, here are three burger patties to try if you don’t eat meat.

Black Bean Burger

Black bean burgers are excellent for those who dig a smoky flavor and a hearty texture. They’re made mainly out of black beans, but they generally also have a strong mix of spices, grains, and veggies as well.

Soy Burger

If you’re someone who has no problem delving into the world of soy or tofu, it can be a great option when it comes to burgers. Believe us when we say that some of the best soy burgers taste truly incredible, and leave you feeling satisfied.

Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger

We’ll finish this list off with what we believe to be the tastiest possible option for those looking to find an alternative to meat-based burgers. Brands such as Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger are incredibly adept at creating products that taste somewhat like meat but aren’t meat at the same time.