Brownies Keep Sticking to the Pan? Try This Genius Hack

Photo by Arantxa Aniorte on Unsplash

We are always in the mood for some brownies. They are easy to make and delicious even in their most basic form. The only thing that sometimes ruins the experience is when they stick to the pan, and we can’t get them out without crumbling. But not anymore. You can prevent brownies from sticking to the pan by using a simple yet genius hack.

Hack for Preventing Brownies Sticking

The solution to this problem is more straightforward than you could expect. All you need to do to prevent brownies from sticking is to line the pan with parchment paper.

Just cover the pan with parchment paper, brush it with some neutral oil, and then pour in the brownie batter. Once the brownies are baked, you can easily remove them from the pan by lifting the paper. This not only prevents sticking but also allows for simpler and more precise cutting, as well as flipping the brownies if you need to. On top of all that, you will end up with a pan that can be cleaned in a heartbeat instead of needing to be soaked for hours.

Make sure to try this genius brownie hack, and let us know if it works for you.