Best YouTube Ramen Tutorials

Ramen recipes
Photo by Diego Lozano on Unsplash

Ok, before we even start talking about ramen tutorials, let’s talk about the food itself for a minute, shall we? So, ramen is awesome. Seriously, if you’ve somehow come this far without trying it, hurry up and fix that! 

Ramen is in fact Japanese noodle soup, but this plain definition doesn’t do it justice. The cool thing about this dish is that it’s more like a comprehensive meal in one bowl of soup. Other than just soup and noodles, Ramen normally contains pork, seaweed, scallions and eggs, and is flavored with the dominant taste of soy sauce or Japanese miso. Of course, in Western culture it is common to do non-traditional ramen variations including different kinds of ingredients, and even vegan ones based on tofu.

So, having said all that, here are three great ramen-making videos that you can follow to make this delicious dish at home.

This 10-minute video by HowToBasic provides simple instructions on how to make an authentic Japanese ramen with an egg, some pork, scallions, mushrooms and soy sauce. Oh, and noodles, obviously.

This recipe by Way of Ramen puts a greater emphasis on affordability, showing you how to make a cheaper and quicker version of this great dish.

Now, if you’re already somewhat experienced in making ramen, or are looking for a way to start with a basic recipe and work your way up to an advanced level, this one by Epicurious presents four different levels of ramen making.