Best Way to Store Champagne After Opening the Bottle

Photo by Alexander Naglestad on Unsplash

Champagne is one of those drinks we usually only drink on special occasions, but what should you do with it once you pop the bottle? It’s highly likely you’ll have some leftover champagne by the time the party is over and here’s how you can keep the bubbles alive.

New Cork

Closing your champagne bottle by putting the original cork back is a mission impossible. The cork will expand after you pop your champagne bottle, so you’ll have to use a hermetic cork or a Champagne stopper to store your champagne for later use.

Cold Champagne

It’s no coincidence that champagne is often served in an ice bucket. This can help keep your champagne bubbly for longer and the same rule applies once you open it. Avoid storing it at room temperature and find a cold place for your open bottle to make it last for up to five days.

Aluminum Foil 

Champagne can lose its freshness due to temperature fluctuations, but this problem can be avoided with a little bit of aluminum foil. Wrap the foil around your bottle because it will help insulate it and maintain a constant temperature. In addition to covering the whole bottle, you can also only cover the bottle’s neck to create a cold air plug.