Best Homemade Pizza Recipes For All You Little Bakers

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Pizza is one of those dishes we usually order, but you can have an interesting night with friends and make pizza on your own. Homemade pizza has its appeal, especially since you can use the ingredients you like the most. If you are out of inspiration, here are a few ideas to help you out.

Cast Iron Pizza

Skipping the oven and using an iron skillet to bake your pizza is a game-changer. The crust will be pure perfection—and the top covered with layers of cheese is all you need.

Breakfast Pizza

Eggs, ham, cheese, and garlic are the ingredients of a delicious breakfast, but you can actually make a delightful homemade pizza using them.

Salad Pizza

Make a garlic-scented pizza crust and cover it with vegetables, use tomatoes, bibb lettuce, pickled onions, cabbage, and many more herbs to make this healthy pizza.

Sweet Pizza

Making pizza as a dessert is an amazing challenge. Cover that crust with bananas and chocolate, and whipped cream on the top to get this delightful dessert.