Baskin-Robbins’ Newest Flavor is a Sweet & Savory Delight

There are many delicious things that have come out of the south, not least of all being chicken and waffles. The combination may seem strange at first, but it is the perfect thing to satisfy that sweet and savory craving. 

Baskin-Robbins seems to have caught on to that fact as the ice cream company has introduced Chick’n & Waffles as its flavor of the month.

“At Baskin-Robbins, we pride ourselves on bringing innovative flavors to market, which is why when we saw the growing popularity of Chicken & Waffles on menus, we knew we had to create a bold flavor that would change the way our guests enjoy Chick’n & Waffles,” stated, the director of brand marketing for Baskin-Robbins, Hannah Suits. “This flavor is a frozen twist on the iconic brunch dish, recreated in a deliciously deconstructed concept that is unique to our shops.”

Baskin-Robbins has tried to make the flavor as authentic as possible by using buttermilk waffle-flavored ice cream.  It is also set to include swirls of bourbon maple syrup, and, of course, chick’n and waffle bits that have been sprinkled in.

The best part?

The flavor is actually safe for vegetarians as the crunchy bits mimic the flavor of fried chicken but don’t actually contain any meat!

The limited edition flavor will be available throughout the month of March.