Avoid Soggy Pie Crust With These Simple Hacks

Pie crust
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

One of the worst things that can happen to your pie is a soggy crust. It immediately ruins the experience and makes every bite underwhelming. So, next time you are baking a pie, use these simple hacks to avoid a soggy crust.

Add Some Oats

Before you top the pie crust with filling, sprinkle two tablespoons of oats on it. Oats will soak up all the excess moisture and keep the pie crust safe. And you’ll hardly taste them once the pie is baked.

Brush With Egg Whites

You can give your pie crust a protective layer by brushing it with a mixture of egg whites and water. The egg whites don’t contain much flavor, and they will go undetected.

Arrange a Cornstarch Bed

Another efficient method is to make a cornstarch bed for your pie crust. Sprinkle the pie pan with cornstarch and then place the pie crust in it. It will take on most of the moisture, and you can later just brush it off.

Do a Blind Bake

Probably the safest method is to do a blind bake. This means you first bake the pie crust and then add the filling. If you opt for this method, remember to add some pie weights in order to prevent your pie crust from shrinking or bubbling. You can also use rice or dried beans.