Are You Eating Too Much Dairy?

Ice cream
Photo by Emile Mbunzama on Unsplash

Dairy foods can be some of the tastiest foods on the planet. From pizza to delicacy cheeses, to lasagna to just plain old cereal and milk, dairy has provided the world with many yummy treats. Of course, people who are lactose-intolerant are unable to partake in such delights—but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is off the hook. Just because you can eat dairy doesn’t mean you’re immune to the pitfalls of having too much. So are you eating too much dairy?

How Often Do You Have It?

Let’s consider all the times you may have dairy on a given day. If you eat cereal, right there is at least one cup of milk. If you add milk to your coffee, then let’s say there’s an extra few tablespoons per day (depending, of course, on how much coffee you drink). From that as a starting point, we think it’s okay to have a dairy lunch or dinner on top of all that—but not both.

If you find yourself having dairy three meals a day, that’s alright on occasion. But if you’re doing it three times a day, seven days a week—you should probably cut back on that. It doesn’t matter how immune to milk you think you are. Too much of it is never good, no matter how delicious it is.