Any Visitor to Galicia Must Try These Dishes

Galicia is a land of mystery, fog, and green landscapes located in the northwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula. This Spanish region is the home of a hearty people with a rural tradition that love to eat seafood and hearty meat dishes.

If you find yourself on a trip to Galicia or at a Galician restaurant, be sure to give these tasty dishes a try.

Lacon con Grelos

Lacon con Grelos is a winter favorite in Galicia. Lacon is a dried, salted pork shoulder which is boiled and served hot. This dish also includes grelos, a leafy green vegetable that is native to the area which is similar to kale. Served with potatoes, this dish is sure to make you feel warm and cozy.


Galicia has thousands of kilometers of coastline, making it no surprise that its people love to eat seafood. Percebes, which are known as gooseneck barnacles in English, are a perfect example. Harvested by brave men and women who climb out to their rocky habitat to collect these barnacles, they are preparing by simply steaming, allowing their salty sea flavor to shine.

Polbo a Feira

Polbo a Feira is arguably Galicia’s most iconic dish. Galicians love eating octopus, and this preparation, which is achieved by boiling the octopus, cutting its tentacles into small slices, and covering them with olive oil and sweet paprika, is a favorite way of enjoying it in the territory.