How to Make an Excellent Croissant Sandwich

Photo: Sarah Stierch (CC BY 4.0)/Wikimedia Commons

Croissant sandwiches are not the healthiest alternative to your breakfast, but they are a particularly tasty alternative that will leave you full until the next meal.

To make an excellent, fresh and yummy croissant sandwich, all you need are a few excellent and fresh ingredients that can be bought at any supermarket, and exactly 5 minutes of your time to put them together.

This delicious sandwich can be made for a quick breakfast, an excellent brunch dish alongside a fresh green salad, or as a yummy dinner.


1 fresh and unsweetened butter croissant
100 gr’ of good quality smoked salmon or smoked code fish
1 fresh organic egg
1 tablespoon chopped green onion or chopped chives


Prepare the egg in a pan with olive oil or butter. The egg can be prepared in the form of an omelet or “sunny side up.”

Cut the croissant sideways, and place a generous amount of smoked salmon inside.

Add the egg, and sprinkle over green onions or chopped chives.


You can add some cream cheese or berry cheese, chopped walnuts, fresh cucumber or tomato. All will make great additions to your sandwich