A Few Tips On How To Make A Better Coffee

Image by therrd_1/Instagram

It’s a little-known fact that coffee beans have a broader spectrum of flavors than wine grapes. That’s why coffee making isn’t such a naive thing, and it takes a lot of practice and learning to make a really quality coffee.

That’s why we want to show you a few easy guidelines for making a better coffee. These tips should help you truly enjoy your morning coffee.

Heat your cups before you make your coffee

This is actually pretty simple. Cold cups make coffee colder faster and lukewarm coffee is just not an option. This is why heating your cups will the coffee feel so much better than before.

Never brew using boiling water

Boiling water will make your coffee taste harsh and heat will mask the real flavors. Have in mind that the ideal temperature for brewing is between 95 and 98°C.

Be careful with the dose or amount of coffee

This is also simple. Using too much coffee will result in a yucky, bitter brew. If you adjust your dose of coffee right, it will reveal an entire spectrum of flavor for you to discover and enjoy every morning.