A Brilliant Way to Use Wooden Skewers

Wooden skewers
Photo by Lee Myungseong on Unsplash

Wooden skewers are a handy tool for grilling meat or vegetables, and we tend to reach for them more often in the summer when outdoor grilling is popular. If you just opened a new pack of wooden skewers, we have a brilliant new way to use a few of them in your kitchen.

Before you use up all of them, take a few skewers and head to your pantry. If you store dry baking ingredients in jars, simply put one skewer in each jar and leave it there. It will help you measure the ingredients when baking. You know how baking recipes require you to level the measuring cup or spoon for the best result? There’s no easier way to do that than with a wooden skewer!

How to Use It

Measuring cups are only precise if you level the ingredients, and with a single wooden skewer in each of your jars, that job will be easier than ever. You can do this with flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, spices, etc. It may look like it makes a small difference, but you’ll be thankful once you start baking and you have everything you need on hand. If your jars are small, you can always cut the skewer in half and use it in the same way.