5 Ways To Elevate Your Food With Hot Honey

Hot honey
Photo by Art Rachen on Unsplash

Hot honey is a sweet and spicy condiment, infused with fresh or dried chili peppers, that has become extremely popular, and for good reason. This is a must-have condiment in the pantry because it’s delicious and can complement many different dishes. Here are a few amazing ways to put hot honey to good use.


Literally any type of sandwich that you love eating for dinner or breakfast will taste better if topped with some hot honey.


Hot honey can also be an excellent addition to your charcuterie boards because it pairs perfectly with meat, cheese, nuts, and crackers. Placing a mini-bowl of honey with honey dipper on a board is an easy way to make it look fancy and impress your guests.


Believe it or not, serving your homemade pizza with some hot honey is an excellent way to make this comfort food even more amazing. Honey will pair particularly good with salty ingredients such as prosciutto or even ricotta cheese.


People who have a hard time eating enough veggies may want to try drizzling some hot honey over grilled and roasted vegetable, because this is a dreamy combination that’s hard to resist.


Last but not least, hot honey can also compliment fried or roasted chicken and make it extra crispy and delicious.