5 Toppings You’re Adding to Salads That Make Them Less Healthy

Loaded salad
Photo by Rebeca G. Sendroiu on Unsplash

If you’re on a diet, the best thing you can eat is salad—right? Well, not actually. Salads can be really healthy, but if you’re loading them with tons of things, chances are they’re not as healthy as you may think. Fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, and lean protein are great to put in salads, but these five things are making your salad less healthy. Sure, they taste great, but if you’re trying to be healthy, avoid adding these toppings.


Cheese is a great source of calcium, but it also has lots of sodium and fat. It’s fine to add cheese to salads, but don’t go overboard with it.


Croutons have very little nutritional value and are loaded with empty calories. If you’re looking for a crunch, add nuts or seeds, which are more nutritious and will help your feel full.


Pasta such as croutons is loaded with empty calories. When adding it to salads, don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re being healthy. Pasta is pasta. If you want pasta, just eat it.

Salad Dressing

No salad is complete without salad dressing, but many of them are full of fats and added sugar. You’re probably also adding way more dressing than you need. Instead, use olive oil and fresh lemon juice or olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Fried Meats

We suggest adding lean meats like turkey or chicken breast to your salads to make them more filling. Avoid fried or processed meats because they’re full of fat.