5 Instagram-Worthy Summer Recipe Ideas to Try

Instagram worthy dishes
Photo by Betty Subrizi on Unsplash

Preparing delicious meals is great, but paying attention to detail in order to make them visually appealing too is even better. Thanks to Instagram, we can share with the world every time we create or get ready to eat something that looks delicious. Check out these delicious summer recipes that’ll help you make some Instagram-worthy photos.

Japanese Pancakes

Fluffy Japanese pancakes were one of the biggest food trends on Instagram in 2019, and it’s time to enjoy these tasty bites again.

Turmeric Latte

This wonderful golden latte with turmeric is the perfect summer drink that’ll brighten up your Instagram feed. A turmeric latte is easy to prepare and it’s a tasty and healthy alternative to your regular cup of coffee.

Rainbow Fries

Use purple, yellow, and regular carrots, sweet potato, and sweet purple potato to make these colorful and nutritious fries for your next movie night.

Kale Caesar Salad

The easiest way to take colorful and mouthwatering pictures for your Instagram is to prepare a tasty and refreshing salad, such as this kale Ceasar salad with green veggies and cashews.

Blueberry Pie

Crispy, golden pies filled with rich summer fruit is always a perfect dessert to treat your taste buds and get Instagram-worthy photos.