5 Creative Ways to Serve Cocktails

Cocktail with herbs
Photo by Proriat Hospitality on Unsplash

Even though we can’t throw big parties at the moment, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy drinking tasty cocktails in style this summer. Check out a few cool and inventive ways to serve cocktails to your guests this season.

Pineapple Cup

This is by far one of the most exotic and popular ways for serving cocktails. Sipping your drinks from an actual pineapple with some lemon slices and berries is more than enjoyable and refreshing.

Watermelon Bowl

Pineapple is not the only fruit you can use for serving cocktails. Pouring drinks into an empty watermelon shell is one of the most exotic and trendy ways for serving the best cocktails.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are very versatile and practical so don’t ever throw them away. Among many other things, you can use mason jars for serving delicious, colorful cocktails at your next party.

Drink Dispenser

These large drink dispensers always looks so fancy and practical and they’ll definitely bring some charm to your gatherings.

DIY Cocktail Bar

Most people like to mix their own beverages and that’s why a DIY cocktail bar can be a really smart decision.