4 Delicious Ways to Eat Churros

Churros toppings
Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

Fluffy and tender and usually coated in cinnamon and sugar, churros are probably the most popular Mexican dessert out there. But this delicious dessert has more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few other tasty toppings you can also enjoy with churros.


We all love the taste of Nutella, and that’s why using this delicious hazelnut spread is a simple way to elevate your homemade churros. Stuff your churros with Nutella to prepare the best dessert ever.

Ice Cream

Ice cream and churros are also an awesome combination and that’s exactly why churro ice cream sandwiches are super popular and hard to resist. Coat churros in sugar and cinnamon and place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in between two churros to create this delicious dessert.

Churro Milkshake

If preparing that churro ice cream sandwich sounds too complicated, these churro milkshakes are another great way to enjoy this Mexican dessert with wonderful ice cream flavors.

Oreo Churros

Oreo churros are another creative take on this tasty Mexican dessert that you can easily prepare at home. This is a fluffy and crispy dessert with Oreos and whipped cream that everyone will like.