3 Ways to Make Water More Enticing

Lemon water
Photo by Claudia Soares on Unsplash

Let’s confront a little bit of a hard truth. Water isn’t always the tastiest thing around. Sometimes it can hit the spot like no other, and it’s probably just about the healthiest thing you can consume. But let’s be real, sometimes the lack of flavor can be boring, and this can sometimes lead to you neglecting water more than you should. Water should be a delightful thing to drink at all times, so here are a few ways to make it tastier.

Lemon Water

Lemons aren’t really meant to be eaten on their own, but they sure do an amazing job at complementing other things that could use a kick. Water is very much one of those things. When water feels too bland, lemon is the perfect thing to add to it. It gives water the exact twist and intrigue that it needs.

Cucumber Water

But sometimes lemon can be a bit strong for certain people, so instead you can opt for the more subtle cucumber water. Cucumber offers a more relaxed and serene quality for your water, where you can tell something tastes different but it’s not overdoing it.

Sparkling Water

Finally, instead of going for straight-up still water, why not try drinking sparkling water? It’s just as healthy, and it offers a little kick of carbonation that some people require in their cold drinks.