3 Useful Tips for Making the Most Delicious Mulled Wine at Home

Mulled Wine
Photo by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash

If mulled wine happens to be one of your favorite Christmas market staples, it’s time to learn how to make it from the comfort of your home. The homemade version of this festive drink can taste incredibly delicious, as long as you keep these three useful tricks in mind.

Wine Choice

The type of wine you’re using can make or break your mulled wine. Red wine is the most popular choice when it comes to this beverage, with Shiraz or Merlot being some of the best options. There’s no need to blow your budget here—regular everyday wines will do just fine, and high-end wines are best avoided because their flavor will be lost anyway.

Spice Choice

Mulled wine would be incomplete without the delicious spices you add to the mix, and making the right choice is crucial. Cinnamon and nutmeg are the most common options when it comes to this drink, but you can also give cloves, cardamom, star anise, and vanilla a shot.

Perfect Temperature

When making mulled wine, the temperature should usually stay below 170°F. Your mulled wine should be warm, not scalding, and turning up the temperature won’t do it any favors because it will quickly boil, leading sugars to caramelize, and it might even end up burning.