3 Useful Baking Tips to Keep in Mind When Making Blueberry Cake

Blueberry cake
Photo by Deborah Rainford on Unsplash

Blueberries make everything better and your loaf cake will be next-level if you use them as one of the main ingredients. If you’re new to baking blueberry cakes, don’t despair because they’re incredibly easy to make, especially if you take these three useful tips into consideration.

Blueberry Choice

Like most blueberry desserts, this one is best made with fresh blueberries because they won’t release as much liquid while baking. If you can’t find them and have to use frozen blueberries instead, give them some time to thaw and cover them with a thin coat of flour before tossing them into the batter so they stay afloat.

Flavor Combos

Blueberries will do a great job enhancing the flavor of your loaf cake, but they’re not the only extra ingredient that you should use. You can also experiment with different types of flour and add ground spices and floral herbs to the mix.

Frosting Dilemma

You might be tempted to frost your blueberry cake right after taking it out of the oven so you could finish the job, but be patient with this step. No matter what type of frosting or glazing you’re using, it will melt away if the cake is still warm, so give it some time to cool down.