3 Tips for Taking Smashed Potatoes to the Next Level

Smashed potatoes
Image by La_vanda/depositphotos

Smashed potatoes are one of the most underrated potato dishes, but once you make them for the first time, you’ll never want to stop. If you don’t nail it on the first try and want to improve your recipe for smashed potatoes, these three useful tips will get you there.

Potato Type

Not all potato varieties are created equal when it comes to certain potato dishes, and that happens to be the case with smashed potatoes, as well. Waxy verities, such as Yukon Gold, are your best bet, and you should make sure to stick to small or medium potatoes because larger ones will have to be cut in half.

Potato Prep

Potatoes for this dish don’t require peeling and they’ll get extra crispy if you leave the skin on, but it’s up to you to remove it if you prefer it that way. After boiling your potatoes, you should consider steam drying them to achieve ultimate crispiness.

Better Flavor

You can smash your potatoes and let them bake as they are, but it’s always better to add some flavor. A touch of butter and oil goes a long way and you can add garlic and thyme to the mix to make your smashed potatoes even more delicious.