3 Things to Know About the Kids’ Menu at Restaurants

Family dinner
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

The kids’ menu at restaurants is often the go-to solution for parents. However, there’s more to these simplified menus than meets the eye. Here are three essential things to know about kids’ menus at restaurants, which can help make dining out with young ones a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Nutritional Value Often Takes a Back Seat

Traditionally, kids’ menus have been dominated by universally accepted “kid-friendly” foods—think chicken nuggets, pizza, pasta with butter, and fries. If you want a more nutritious option, consider asking your waiter if they can customize adult meals into child-sized portions. 

“Kid-Friendly” Doesn’t Have to Mean “Boring”

On the note of nutrition, there’s a growing trend among chefs and restaurants to reinvent the kids’ menu, transforming it from a predictable list of beige foods into a colorful, exciting culinary exploration. This shift is partly driven by the recognition that children’s palates are more adaptable and adventurous than often assumed. In fact, your kids might be more willing to try new foods if it’s a special occasion like dinner out. 

Pricing and Portions

Lastly, the value proposition of kids’ menus can vary significantly from one restaurant to another. So don’t be shy to ask the waiter for more information on portion sizes before ordering.