3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Peeling Cucumbers

Photo by Natalie Rhea on Unsplash

We tend to peel the skin off many fruits and veggies that don’t necessarily have to be eaten without it, and cucumbers fall under this category. They can actually do you more good if you leave their skin be, and here are three things you should keep in mind before peeling them off.

100% Edible

Most people who peel cucumber skin off do it for two reasons—they either don’t like its taste or think that the skin is not edible. Feel free to get rid of the cucumber skin if it doesn’t suit your taste, but don’t avoid it for another reason because it’s 100% safe and edible.

Nutritious Properties

If you have a habit of peeling cucumber skin off, you’re missing out on many healthy properties that it has in store. Skin is the most nutritious part of your cucumber, and it’s packed with vitamins A, B, C, and K, in addition to minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium.

Good Wash

When eating cucumbers with skin on it’s crucial to give them a good wash. In addition to being dirty, they also may be covered in pesticides, especially if you’re not buying organic products. They may also contain a thin waxy layer, but a little bit of water is all it takes to get rid of it.