3 Sudanese Foods to Try

    Ful medames
    Ful medames. Image by lenyvavsha/Depositphotos

    Besides a brief scene in the popular sitcom “Brooklyn 99”, Sudanese cuisine isn’t particularly known in the English-speaking culinary mainstream. But Sudanese food is a delicious and unique way to challenge and delight your palette. If you’re looking for some new dishes to try out that are nothing like what you’ve tried before, give these three foods a go.


    Often eaten with Sudanese bread, this three-ingredient sweet-and-spicy dish is a common one at Sudanese meals. It uses mashed bananas and dried, roasted hot peppers to a flavor profile that any spice-lover will appreciate.

    Ful Medames

    Around the Middle East and North Africa, the most popular bean is ful, or the Fava bean. In this well-loved recipe, Fava beans are cooked until soft, then mashed up with some broth and served topped with tomatoes, onions, sesame oil, and Shata or Sudanese hot sauce. Scoop it up with flatbread to enjoy!


    These Sudanese stuffed vegetables can take some time to make because they require cutting out the middle from a bunch of vegetables before cooking so that the veggies can be stuffed. Using ground meat or a vegan alternative, rice, tomatoes along with dill and spices, you’ll have a delicious rice dish served in stylish and healthy individual servings.